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Key: hotel personalized service to make good use of modern science and technology + deepen user insight

Date: 2019-07-28

How to maintain customer loyalty?Many industry leaders agree that to revolve around the concept of personalized action.The digital age, the barrier between the brand and the consumer has been broken, convenience and transparency has become a new topic, consumers want to be cognitive, understood, and valued.

Competition around the personalized service, the hotel areas of science and technology industry executives Jos Schaap thinks, compared to other areas, this rule seems to be more useful in the hotel industry.The guest wants to have comfortable experience and unforgettable memories, looking forward to smooth and convenient experience, the key lies in personalized service.

Personalization has become one of the 2019 industries buzzwords, is also emerging technology is one of the most willing to praise highly functional characteristics, but the hotel industry still lacks the critical understanding of the concept.

Guests are looking forward to the personalized service, the PMS platform will also be personalized as its focus, but personalized service can walk far?Is it true that realize the personalized so simple?Personalized service whether can like integration solution, the hotel let go no matter can be achieved after purchase improve customer loyalty?

Of course, the answer is no.

Now the PMS system is very different with the traditional pattern of leading hotel operations, modern system in mobile, flexible and user-friendly degree more advantages, and more fit into hotel and guest customized demand.These PMS systems designed to increase the working efficiency of the hotel staff and hotel revenue, create more personalized passenger experience.

But for now, the hotel is very dependent on OTA platform, not understanding the real demand for the guests, only by the PMS system drives the personalized service is not reality.

As professionals in the field of science and technology in the hotel, Jos Schaap often think: "why the PMS system can't identify customer like amazon and other platform?How the PMS software like modern electric business applications or web sites, where the gap between what?"

Imagine the following case: nearly 60% of the hotel's guests from OTA channels, from which the only immediate integration to the hotel PMS system only guest name information.Although the name is also very important, but its not as the only information to identify independent client identity.The U.S. census bureau data show that in the United States alone has 44935 John Smith.Hotel to cannot get personalized service required in-depth information.

How can hotel PMS system from a host of John Smith to lock the real target customers?And to further obtain personalized service the important information needed?

Amazon and other electric business platform requires the user to login must be completed before shopping.The key steps for these platforms collected accurately hit the main information and details of target customers.Hotel may want to use the PMS system direct access to relevant information, but it is important to note that the hotel itself must also take responsibility for the system to provide enough information, can open the real personalized service.

To realize the personalized, hotels must enhance the PMS system analysis ability, at the same time also need to carry out a series of work, such as when the guest check-in formalities inquiry mail or phone contact, it can be used as a catalyst, promote formation at a deeper level of personalized service.

To sum up, the hotel personalized service requires two factors, in addition to the effective use of modern science and technology, the hotel operator should also continued investment, understanding the guest and the corresponding market segments.